Frequently asked questions

1. Can I use the currenly installed plugins (Adobe Flash, Java, etc.) with Goona Browser?

At this point, there aren't many informations about this. It seems that if you have Firefox installed and Flash (may apply to other plugins) installed after Firefox was installed, you get Flash working on Goona Browser automatically, since XULRunner automatically searches for the Flash registry entries for Firefox.

With WebKit, it seems to be the same thing. If you have Google Chrome or Apple Safari intalled (I have both), and Flash installed after you installed the browsers, it seems that Flash automatically gets ready to use with the WebKit engine on Goona Browser.

If you can add details to this entry, please contact the project admin.

2. Why does Goona Browser take from some milliseconds to five seconds before navigating to a website entered in the addressbar or in the start page?

This is not a bug, so please do not report it as a bug. This happens because Goona Browser does «ping» to the text entered in the box. If the ping gets response, then it's a website and Goona Browser automatically navigates to it. If the ping throws a exception or the ping doesn't get any answer, then it's a search, and Goona Browser redirects you to the search page of the search provider.

3. Goona Browser browses the web securely?

Well, in theory you get the same security as if you were browsing with Firefox 3.5. Goona Browser respects the https:// protocol and sends encrypted information when the website requires this.

4. Goona Browser itself, is it a secure, trustworthy application?

If we're talking about malware (virus, trojans, adware, etc), the official build of Goona Browser (which you can get in this website) is secure since it doesn't contain any malware, it is 100% virus and ad free. Please note that this applies to the official build of Goona Browser, but may not apply to another builds that you can find on the web. These builds may be «clean» as the official, but they may not. If you are looking for the original, unmodified Goona Browser, then you should get it from this website.

IIf we're talking about the «trustworthy», let me say you taht Goona Browser authors aren't the best people to give opinion about that. As I said Goona Browser contains no malware.

If you're refering to security while browsing security, please see the question 3. If you have any other questions about security, please contact the project admin.

5. Why is Google the example search provider shown in the First Run Wizard window and also on the settings? Are you affiliated with Google?

First of all: we are not affiliated with any companies at all - much less with Google. Google is shown because it is, according to the statistics, the most used search provider in the world.

Anyway, the First Run Wizard will suffer many changes in the next versions. Instead of obligating the user to type the search provider settings, Goona Browser will show a list of common search providers (that have an associated search string) along with the actual textbox. This way, user only types in if the search provider isn't in the list.

6. Can I  use Goona Browser to browse my favorite sites? Is it compatible?

As described in the main page, Goona Browser is so standards-compilant as Firefox. Keep in mind that Firefox is the most used browser after Internet Explorer. If you got your sites to display correctly with Firefox, then they should appear correctly in Goona Browser. If not, you can try viewing the site with WebKit. Sometimes (less than half of times) WebKit shows pages with CSS and JavaScript errors better than Gecko.

7. My question isn't listed in. -OR- I have a question regarding one of the questions above.

Please contact me. It will be very nice to receive feedback from people interested. You can find the contact in the contacts section.