Goona Browser, even in BETA stage, is powerful enough to use it everyday. Do you only use the basic functions of an webbrowser? If yes, why do you need to use a webbrowser with lots of functions, extras, themes, etc. if you only use 70% (or even less) of these? If you really want to focus on the pages you are visiting - independently of those pages being a simple search, your profile on facebook or a web app - you need a browser that, with simplicity, gives you many features.

That's the goal of Goona Browser. Do further and further, keeping it simple. You dont need "thousands" of toolbars (sometimes resulting in less than half of the screen to view the page) to browse correctly the web, do you?

Here is a exaustive (well, probably I'll miss something) list of the features:

  • Dual-engine: allows you two choose which rendering engine you want to use: Gecko (which powers Firefox) or Webkit (which powers Google Chrome and Apple Safari). This is one of the reasons why Goona Browser's setup is a bit larger)
  • Powerful download manager: not a simple download manager as we find on many browsers. With this download manager, you can download files, videos and entire websites. Provides support for download pausing and multi-threading (various segments). And lot's more. (the download manager also contributes with some KB to the setup file size)
  • Favorites and history: Goona Browser let's you mark your favorite pages, and also saves a detailed history of your browsing. The history is so detailed that you can even see thumbnails of the pages you visited, as they were when you visited them. And don't think of a so smaller thumbnail that no one can see what's there! The thumbnails are about 200x150 pixels large, and are encoded in JPEG format so they don't took much space on your harddrive. Also, the thumbnails are saved in an only file - along with all the history entries - to provide a faster access to them.
  • Tabbed web browsing: almost any modern browser has this, but Goona Browser has a difference - when you hover the mouse on the tabs, a thumbnail of the tab appears below it, just like in Windows Aero taskbar! The thumbnail is bigger enough to let you recognize a page.
  • EDIT (2010/02/27): "Opera" browser also includes this function. Althrough, Opera and Goona Browser are the only known browsers that include this funcionality.
  • List of the open tabs: it allows you to see a list of the open tabs when you press the hotkey ALT+Z. To select a tab from the list, click an item.
  • Much space to view the websites: Goona Browser let's you see much space of a page without scrolling, even in smaller resolutions!
  • Basic twitter integration: Goona Browser let's you post tweets and sharing the currently visiting webpage withou opening twitter.com, but nothing more. Since the version, Goona Browser includes a twitter dashboard, but it is still in BETA stage and doesn't provide much funcionality. In the future it will be facebook integration.
  • Multiple homepage support: Goona Browser allows you to set one or more homepages that will open in different tabs, at startup.
  • Internal homepage: Lets you do a search or navigate to a website right after you open Goona Browser, and also allows you to navigate to the last six pages you visited.
  • Windows Aero (R) user interface: If you're using Windows Vista or Windows 7 with the theme Windows Aero applied, there will be Aero transparency zones on the user interface. This can be disabled for a better performance, specially on old computers.
  • File browser: A built-in function lets you browse, in a tab, your computer storage, but this feature is still in early beta stage and doesn't provide much funcionality.